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Instant messaging.

Your clients can contact their coach or chat with their work group. Teasio’s instant messaging can also be used to make video calls. It’s an essential tool for interactive coaching!


To maintain interaction and proximity with your clients, Teasio has included a videoconferencing tool that requires no specific installation.

Integrated Google tools.

Teasio has integrated Google tools (Google Doc, Google Sheets, etc.). Create documents and make them available to your coachees with just a few clicks. They’ll be able to work on them in real-time with their coach.

Tuzzit, a creative tool.

Tuzzit was included in the platform to allow you to work in real-time and in a fun way with your coachees. Take advantage of the many canvases available or create your own!


Create interactive webinars in just a few clicks. Share your screen and react instantly to questions from coachees. Your webinars are recorded and automatically stored in the Competence Center library.


Create evaluations, quizzes and forms and add another dimension to your coaching. Manage your settings and make your questionnaires unique: number of attempts, random questions, response time, etc. Generate reports for optimal monitoring of your coaching sessions.

And so much more.

Discover many other features and tools to enhance your steps and complete your programmes, including MOOCs, being able to integrate your own documents, organizing your face-to-face meetings, etc.


With Teasio you can plan your face-to-face meetings and training sessions. Your clients can register via the platform or mobile app. Teasio sends email reminders to participants.

The Competence Center

The Competence Center is an interactive content library. It includes webinars, moocs and face-to-face trainings available for your clients. Your coachees have access to resources categorized by subject, that you can also make available to work groups.

Messages automatisés

Économisez du temps précieux en programmant des séquences de messages automatisés (vidéo, texte, question) qui seront expédiés directement via le tchat de Teasio et ce tout au long du parcours de vos accompagnés.

Évaluation des compétences

Mettez en lumière les compétences acquises, identifiez les besoins et ciblez les objectifs d’accompagnement grâce au module d’évaluation des compétences de Teasio.
Creez des grilles de compétences et visualisez le savoir et le savoir-faire de vos accompagnés afin de les aider à progresser tout au long de leur parcours d’apprentissage.

Gestion des évènements

Grâce au module d’évènements de Teasio, créez facilement vos webinaires et formations en présentiel depuis votre plateforme d’accompagnement : Invitez vos participants, vérifiez leur inscription et participation, prévenez-les en cas de changement de planning.

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