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Since 2020



Coach leaders in their transition or career transformation phases.

Mission :

Coach leaders to evolve towards resilient and exciting organizations, where everyone finds their rightful place.

Use cases

Executive coaching

“Thanks to Teasio, we have solidified our methodology and reinforced the uniqueness of our approach. ”

Ludovic Hacopian, The Shaker Company


The challenge

The Shaker Company was looking for a digital platform that would allow them to offer their coaching services remotely. They had two options: develop an in-house platform, which would have required them to hire new employees and invest considerable amounts of money, or find a web platform that meets their needs and can easily be integrated into their tools.


The solution

Teasio appeared to be the easiest and most obvious solution. The e-coaching platform allowed them to offer the same things as the big competing companies without having to make too large an IT investment. Teasio offered them the necessary tools to be able to adapt their content to digital and offer their services remotely, without ever straying from the human aspect.

The two key elements that appealed to The Shaker Company are the tailor-made courses for coachees and the management of coaching sessions for coaches. As well as documents, processes, tool sheets, etc. being made available to coachees.


The results

Teasio has enabled The Shaker Company to solidify its methodology and enhance its offering. The concept of the step programme proposed by Teasio has helped them to materialize their practices and strengthen their approach, both face-to-face and remotely.

The use of Teasio has also become an important selling point for their customers. Indeed, Teasio makes coaching tangible and provides a deliverable at the end of the sessions. Everything is confidential in coaching. So it's not easy to keep a record of it. With Teasio, the client can log in and have access to all the information processed, both during and after the coaching programme.


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