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Since 2020



Capital Homme is a management and human relations consulting firm. Through advice, coaching, mediation and training, Capital Homme coaches companies and professionals in the development of their own full and sustainable performance.

Mission :

Caring for and enhancing human capital.

Use cases

Career mobility

“At Capital Homme, people are at the centre of our concerns. We feel the same way at Teasio. ”

Nathalie Grillet, Capital Homme


The challenge

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Capital Homme’s operations were 75% face-to-face. The firm had already digitized a bit to offer remote sessions. During the pandemic, Capital Homme took it into its head to find a complete digital solution that could offer more than remote facilitation. The objective was to digitize their coaching sessions and enable their clients to be actors in their own development, by offering them more independence and self-direction in their transformation process. In addition, Capital Homme wanted to preserve the human value of its coaching sessions despite the remote aspect.


The solution

Teasio, as an e-coaching platform promoting proximity, quickly established itself as the ideal solution for Capital Homme. Indeed, it offered independence in coaching while being easy to use, intuitive and easy to integrate. The content and methodologies specific to Capital Homme could be digitized without compromising the human aspect so dear to the firm.


The results

Capital Homme’s digital transformation was a success without compromising its founding values and its added value for its clients. Thanks to Teasio, remote and face-to-face services complement each other harmoniously and Capital Homme's methodologies are consolidated and therefore strengthened.

Capital Homme has optimized its coaching by combining everything on a single tool. Teasio saves them time on a daily basis thanks to easier management of their coaching and process automation. The questionnaire module set up by Teasio and personalized by the Capital Homme coaches allows them to have constructive exchanges with their clients and provides a permanent improvement of their services.


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