Embrace e-coaching and be as close as possible to the people you coach.

The e-coaching that Teasio offers provides personalised and interactive coaching. It reconciles remote and face-to-face sessions to make them complementary.


Create your tailor-made interactive sessions.

We provide you with a series of interactive tools to create e-coaching programmes suited to the problems and needs of your customers.
Our interactive tools


Make your coachees more independent.

The Teasio programme leaves a record of your coaching sessions which represents a real added value compared to traditional coaching sessions. Coachees can refer back to the various steps of their programme and have access to their documents as often as they wish.


Valorisez les compétences de vos accompagnés

L'accompagné qui termine avec succès son processus d'accompagnement est à présent éligible à l'obtention d'un micro-certificat, témoignant ainsi de la reconnaissance formelle de l'ensemble des compétences qu'il a acquises au cours de son parcours.

Make managing your coaching sessions easier

With the Teasio technology you can save time and optimize the monitoring of your coaching sessions.
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That’s not all

Teasio provides you with


In your customer’s pocket

Teasio’s mobile app is one of the most comprehensive on the market. Packed with features and highly intuitive, this app could constitute the distinctive element of your organisation.


Connected for greater simplicity

Today, a web platform must be interconnectable. Teasio can be synchronised with apps you already use. We’ve created a secure API allowing your developers to connect to Teasio, collect the data they need easily and connect to your internal applications. We’ve also developed connectors like Zapier or Slack in order to be able to connect Teasio to a multitude of apps. At Teasio, we’re intent on making your life easier.


Your security is our priority

Teasio includes a number of safeties which currently allow us to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Protecting your data is essential

Within the GDPR framework, we offer a series of tools allowing you to have a guarantee of your users’ consent as well as ensuring the protection of their data.

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Encryptions des données sensibles

Déconnexion automatique

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